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TCI GmbH - Transformation Consulting International

Transformation Consulting InternationalConsulting, Program Management, Coaching, Interim Management for Enterprise Transformations, Organizational Development Programs, Individual and Organizational Learning Programs 

TCI is an association of independent, self-employed partners. Most of our professional experience they have been developing over 20 years and more in leading and business responsible positions:
  • as managing directors, division heads, CIOs, executive consultants 
  • in the IT- and communications industry, machinery and construction, in electrical and electronic industries, in production and chemical industries and in trade 
  • in sales and marketing, service and operation, research and development, consulting and project management and more. 
  • in international companies with valuable experience from many countries 
They are prepared to work intensively everywhere.
They say yes when even ambitious goals can be achieved. We know when to say no: we have learned to early identify projects which are unviable.

TCI GmbH - Transformation Consulting International

City: Mannheim, München, Hamburg, Zürich, Riad
Country: Germany, Schwizzerland, Saudi-Arabia
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